Want to buy anything?.......here's how!


As you will have seen,
  this site operates a PayPal shopping cart system. This is by far the easiest way to make a purchase, and the way I much prefer. To use this system, simply click the 'add to cart' button next to the item you would like to buy. Once your shopping is complete, you will be taken to a payment page.   If you have a PayPal account already, then you'll know how it all works. However, you DON'T need an account to use the Paypal system, its as easy as making any purchase with your credit card over the internet.Please go and have a look at   www.paypal.com for more info!
If you really really really don't want to use PayPal, then I will accept (UK) cheques as payment. If this is your preferred method, then you MUST contact me prior to sending off a cheque......I will need to remove the item from the site straight away in case it is purchased by a PayPal buyer before your cheque arrives. I require your address and cheque guarantee card number on the reverse of your cheque. Once the cheque has cleared into my account, I will send out your item. Send your cheques to my home address, which can be found on the 'about me' page here.


Shipping to anywhere in the UK is FREE.
International buyers: Payment is by PayPal ONLY, and I will send out a separate Paypal invoice for the cost of shipping (estimated at this time to be around $5 )

All jewellery is sent out in an airtight grip seal bag, wrapped in tissue and placed in a drawstring gift bag.
I will then place it in a brand new jiffy bag and post it out First Class.


If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with your jewellery , send it straight back to me, and upon receipt I will refund your money (plus the cost of sending it back).
If you manage to somehow break your jewellery, again send it back to me and (if possible) I will repair it for you, at no extra cost. Should this ever happen, I would ask that you send any loose beads back along with the rest of the piece. I do not keep a large amount of any kind of bead in stock, as each piece is unique I don't need huge bulk quantities of one particular bead. This could mean that if you lose beads from a broken piece, I may not have an exact like-for-like replacement available. If this is the case, I will, after consultation with yourself, substitute with a similar or complimentary bead.