A jewellery party?  Now THERE'S a good idea!

Having a jewellery party in your own home is a good idea for many reasons........!

  • The chance to try on lots of different styles and colours, check out different clasps and see how things fit.....a real "Try Before You Buy".
  • The opportunity to see a much larger range of jewellery than I have here on the web site, many fresh pieces too new to have been photographed yet!
  • The chance to purchase items at a discounted rate- I typically charge between 20-25% LESS than the published online price for my jewellery at a party......(Am I mad?.......must be......!)
  • The possibility to discuss unique commissions, if you see something you like, but would rather have it in a different colour, its easy to decide on a colour scheme will all that jewellery right in front of you!
  • As a Hostess, you will be entitled to goodies.....! I offer my hostesses 15 to spend on anything they like, plus a 10% discount on anything else they purchase. And......if one of your guests books their OWN party, a further 'thank you' gift will be yours!

So........how do these parties work?

  • Contact me ( trish@startrishdesign.co.uk) to discuss and confirm a date for your party. I prefer either Friday or Saturday evenings, but other times can be discussed.
  • Invite as many family and friends as you think will fit in your living room!
  • On the night, I will arrive before your guests, in order to 'set up'.......You'll need to prepare an empty table for me to display the goodies on.
  • Your guests arrive, and we all have loads of fun playing with the jewellery........
  • Everyone buys lots (I take cash or cheques!), and we can all go home happy!

(Well......hopefully thats how it works!!)

So........If you live within a 15 mile radius of Blackpool, why not try a jewellery party?