Me??? little old me???? You want to know about me?........oh go on then........

Well, where to start?

My name is Trish, and I'm addicted to beads........

I need to clarify though , and this might be blasphemy in certain beading circles, but actually, beading ISN'T my first love.......that distiction goes to rubber. Yep, rubber. Nothing kinky, I'll have you know, but rubber stamps and all things stamping. I have a rather disturbing fondness for ink pads as well...............

The rubber stamping and all things papercrafting 'thang' started a good few years ago now , I made my own Christmas cards one year after accidentally bumping into a stamping demo on a shopping channel.......and from then on Trish the rubber stamper was born. As my stamp collection grew, we moved house to accomodate it all...(well the official reason was the arrival of baby number four, but I knew it was really so I could have my own dedicated craft room!). I started teaching classes on rubber stamping and card making at my local craft shop (Windmill Craft Centre, in Thornton, Cleveleys) about 7 years ago, and I still teach classes every month there (Check out the 'Arty Workshops' page to see details of my upcoming classes!) As my style got a bit more 'arty', I started writing articles for a couple of craft magazines, and ended up being published numerous times. Unfortunately, that publishing house decided to dispense with all things arty, and the magazines I featured in were either dumbed down, or axed altogether!
 With no deadlines to meet, and being a bit disillusioned with the whole arty messy painty business, I found I had time on my hands.......time to spend developing my beading addiction! hoorah!! I'd dabbled about with beads alongside the messy stuff for years, but not really put the time and effort into developing the skills needed to make good quality jewellery. Now I love collecting gorgeous beads and turning them into pieces for myself and others to enjoy!
  All 4 little Latimers are in full time school these days , and things are getting even busier. I have 'inherited' the jewellery workshops at the Windmill, so double the workload there. I am currently on the Traplet Publishing team, writing and designing jewellery for Beads And Beyond magazine, and letting my arty stamping side have its head again by designing and writing for Craft Stamper magazine.  Very exciting!

Trish xxxxxxx

Trish Latimer
8 Hampton Road