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Taking care of Sterling Silver and silver plated jewellery:

Both silver plated items and Sterling Silver items have a nasty habit of oxidising when left in the air over time.........this means they go black. Eeeeek.........Perfectly natural, it all does it no matter how much or little you pay for it, but pretty nasty all the same. Once oxidised, it CAN be cleaned back to its shiny state, but as you can imagine, this can be a total palaver, involving cleaning cloths/solutions high tech gadgets even. The best thing to do is never to let it get like this in the first place. This is actually very easy to do....simply ensure that when you're not wearing it, your jewellery is stored in an airtight space. Not very pretty to look at, I suppose, but miles prettier than black silver!. I always send out jewellery in plastic grip seal bags, and would strongly advise that you keep them like this, to ensure they look their best!

Taking care of jewellery in general......

As it leaves me, I can assure you that my jewellery is crafted to the highest standard. What I can't assure you is, however, that it will all stay that way ! Inappropriate use, and careless handling will undoubtedly damage it. Wearing a delicate chain necklace whilst climbing trees is not a good is wearing any of my jewellery whilst in the bath or shower.....its not waterproof! I'm sure you're all very sensible people though, and realise all this!

Some of the glass beads I use have undoubtedly been coloured artificially to achieve their look. I cannot guarantee how colourfast these beads are unfortunately, some may fade over time, or fade if left in direct sunlight. Alternatively, they could last years and years without changing one iota. Without tracking down every single manufacturer and quizzing them on their production methods, I can't know. What I would say, is keep them out of direct sunlight when not wearing them as a matter of course, minimising any risk there may be.

Perfume and hairspray could have a detrimental effect on my jewellery ( I use neither, so have never experienced EXACTLY the detrimental effects.......but I'm assured there would be some!) I would recommend that you always put your jewellery on AFTER you've sprayed yourself with whatever you're going to spray yourself with.......................!!